About Dwelling Place Coffee

Dwelling_Place_Coffee_Profile_PictureIt all started in 2014 when we went out to dinner at an amazing Ethiopian restaurant. As we discussed the coffee we ordered with the owner he directed us to an Ethiopian grocery store around the corner where we could buy the same beans he used. After purchasing the green coffee beans, which we thought were unusual, we went home and put some in the grinder.  It definitely didn’t grind like our normal coffee.  When we put it in the espresso machine it ended up coming out looking like green tea.  We knew something wasn’t right so what do we do now….Google it!  We found out they weren’t roasted yet.  Great, now what do we do……Google it!  We found a couple different DIY ways to roast green coffee beans. We chose to use an Air Popper Popcorn machine and the journey began.  Once you drink small batch fresh roasted coffee it is very difficult to drink anything else.

We at Dwelling Place Coffee know that the fresher the roast the better the taste! We roast on a per order basis to guarantee the freshest coffee for you.  We look forward to you experiencing some great small batch fresh roasted coffee so you can taste the difference, taste how coffee was meant to be.  Please contact us if you have any questions.

MISSION: Roasting great coffee at affordable prices while helping great charities.

PURPOSE: Our purpose is to glorify God through faithful stewardship of all that He has entrusted to us. To build, encourage, and edify all who come in contact with Dwelling Place Coffee.